Automatic TV Lifts & Motorized TV Lift Furniture


EZ Lift Series

           Easy. Effective. Affordable. Sleek. You're Gonna Love It.

- Easy to install and operate -- no expertise required!

- Ideal for 30" - 65" TVs.

- Affordable -- the most cost effective option.

- Smooth and quiet operation. 

LC Lift Series

LC Series. An industry standard in lift technology!

- Great for builders, designers, and other industry professionals.

- Available in several sizes, with options for up to 100" TVs.

- Select from several remote control options (RF, IR, LV, RS232).

- Manual and automatic rotate options available.

Matrix Drop-Down Lift Series

Matrix. Drop it and join the evolution.

- Lower the TV from the attic or out of the ceiling.

- Ideal for 40" - 110" TVs.

- Programmable drop down heights.

- Customizable Tilt and Rotation options.