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Lion's Lair & Lusso Living, Our Sister Company

 Activated Decor's sister company, Lusso Living, has made it to the top 10 finalists for Lion's Lair!

"LiON’S LAIR provides Hamiltonians with the opportunity to experience the thrill of start-up investment as aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators face a panel of Hamilton’s top business executives and solicit up to $100,000 to get their companies off the ground." -- Lion's LAIR Website

Check out the full article on CBC Hamilton: Full Article

Previous Projects & News

Activated Decor + CFL Grey Cup
Train Tour

 The Grey Cup celebrated its 100th year anniversary in 2012, and Activated Decor was proud to be part of the celebration. In the form of a train tour across Canada, the CFL commemorated the Grey Cup and its ability to bring Canadians together. The walkways leading up to the train were decorated with 50” television screens showing the history of the Grey Cup, the history of the players, and the sponsors of the Grey Cup Train Tour.

Activated Decor enabled the CFL to wheel out cabinets containing the televisions on to walkways, and have them simply lift out of the protective cabinets. Our cabinets withstood 150 stops over 70 days, across the entire country!

Activated Decor + St. Regis Princeville

St Regis is a luxury hotel on the North Shore of Kaua'i. Activated Decor provided the hotel with 44 tv lifts for their exclusive resort. The suites available have beautiful views of the exclusive focal point of Princeville et Hanalei, where guests enjoy ocean sports and eco-adventures. In order to allow for television entertainment, without obstructing the beautiful view, the hotel required tv lift systems in their beautifully decorated rooms.

 Sony Playstation + Activated Decor

 Activated Decor is proud to have been a part of the new Sony Play Station launch and their North American tour to promote the new gaming system. Being a mobile tour, Sony Playstation needed to be able to display the 50" TV's used to demonstrate the new system, while being able to store them safely when moving to the next location.

Using Activated Decor’s custom TV lift application, Sony Playstation was able to simply have the flat screen televisions lift out of the rugged travel cases every time a demo was to take place, at the touch of a button. We incorporated our TV Intella-Lift system right into the travel case, with the ability to deploy the TV directly out of the case!